Photo of Stephen R. Byrn
Contact Information Byrn Research Lab
Specialization: Solid state formulation and stability of small molecules, regulatory science, Sustainable Medicines in Africa

Stephen R. Byrn

Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Photo of Hyunyoung (Young) Jeong
Contact Information Jeong Research Lab
Specialization: Gut microbiota, preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics, precision medicine

Hyunyoung (Young) Jeong


Photo of Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp
Contact Information Knipp Research Lab
Specialization: Preclinical drug discovery support, ADMET, Blood-Brain Barrier, and PK/PD

Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp

Associate Professor

Photo of Hyunwoo Lee
Contact Information Lee Research Lab
  • RHPH G13C

Hyunwoo Lee

Courtesy Research Associate Professor

Photo of Tonglei Li
Contact Information Li Research Lab
  • RHPH G23 east
  • 765-494-4153
Specialization: Solid-state organic chemistry, computational chemistry, formulation, and drug delivery

Tonglei Li

Allen Chao Chair and Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Photo of Sandro Matosevic
Contact Information Matosevic Research Lab
Specialization: Cancer immunotherapy, cell-based therapies, immunoengineering, natural killer cells, immuno-oncology, synthetic biology, biopharmaceutical engineering

Sandro Matosevic

Associate Professor

Photo of Nathaniel (Nate) Milton
Contact Information Milton Research Lab

Nathaniel (Nate) Milton

Professor of Practice

Photo of Eric J. Munson
Contact Information Munson Research Lab
  • RHPH 123
Specialization: Solid state formulation, Formulation design, Protein design, stability and formulation, Pharmaceutical solids, Phase transformations, Physical and chemical stability, Water-solid interactions, and Amorphous systems & solid dispersions

Eric J. Munson

Dane O. Kildsig Chair in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Department Head

Photo of Andrew (Drew) Otte
Contact Information Otte Research Lab

Andrew (Drew) Otte

Courtesy Research Assistant Professsor

Photo of Kinam Park
Contact Information Park Research Lab
Specialization: Controlled release, long-acting injectables, PLGA formulations, hydrogels

Kinam Park

Professor of Pharmaceutics

Photo of Rodolfo Pinal
Contact Information Pinal Research Lab
Specialization: Drug solubility and solubilization. Strategies for enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

Rodolfo Pinal

Associate Professor

Photo of Gintaras V. (Rex) Reklaitis
Contact Information Reklaitis Research Lab
Specialization: Process Systems Engineering, Computer Aided Process Operations, Batch Process Design, Scheduling and Analysis

Gintaras V. (Rex) Reklaitis

Courtesy Professor of Industrial and Molecular Pharmaceutics

Photo of Severin Thomas Schneebeli
Contact Information Schneebeli Research Lab
  • RHPH 403
Specialization: Pharmaceutical Protein Biotechnology

Severin Thomas Schneebeli

Associate Professor

Photo of Lynne S. Taylor
Contact Information Taylor Research Lab
Specialization: Solubility Enhancement, Amorphous Formulations, Delivery of bRO5 Molecules, Phase Behavior, Crystallization, Salts, Water-Solid Interactions, Spray Drying, Hot Melt Extrusion, Bioavailability

Lynne S. Taylor

Retter Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy

Photo of Elizabeth M. Topp
Contact Information Topp Research Lab
Specialization: Protein Stability and Formulation

Elizabeth M. Topp

Professor of Industrial and Molecular Pharmaceutics

Photo of Carl R. Wassgren Jr.
Contact Information Wassgren Research Lab
  • ME 6
  • 765-494-7315

Carl R. Wassgren Jr.

Courtesy Professor of Industrial and Molecular Pharmaceutics

Photo of Yoon Yeo
Contact Information Yeo Research Lab
Specialization: Tumor-targeted drug delivery, nanoparticle engineering, intracellular drug delivery, non-viral gene delivery, biomaterials for immunotherapy

Yoon Yeo

Associate Department Head, Industrial and Molecular Pharmaceutics

Photo of Qi (Tony) Zhou
Contact Information Zhou Research Lab
Specialization: pharmaceutical manufacturing of solid dosage forms, particle engineering, powder technology, surface characterization of pharmaceutical solids, inhalation formulation, pulmonary drug delivery system, dry powder inhaler

Qi (Tony) Zhou

Associate Professor