Photo of Severin Thomas Schneebeli
Severin Thomas Schneebeli
Associate Professor
Phone: 765-494-5587
Fax: 765-494-6545
Specialization: Pharmaceutical Protein Biotechnology
MA 2006, University of Zurich
PhD 2011 (with Distinction), Columbia University
IIN Postdoctoral Fellow (2011–2014), Northwestern University

Research in the Schneebeli group is focused on protein biotechnology. We use interdisciplinary tools from industrial and physical pharmacy, supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis, and multiscale computer modeling to advance the delivery and stabilization of peptide drugs. We make use of innovative technology, including advanced next generation affinity reagents (artificial antibodies) and catalysts (artificial enzymes) developed in our lab, as well as state-of-the-art single-molecule sequencing technology and machine learning to find faster ways to discover selective delivery methods for peptide drugs. Graduate, undergraduate, and professional students in the Schneebeli group gain valuable interdisciplinary experience in industrial and physical pharmacy, organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, materials characterization, and computer modeling.

Lab Members
Zahraa Modather Alawadly (Graduate Student)
Nils Ayeze Balegamire (Graduate Student with Dr. Severin Schneebeli)
Kyle J. Colston (Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Dr. Schneebeli)
Kyle Timothy Faivre (CHM Graduate Student with Prof. Schneebeli)
Brenson Austin Jassim (Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Prof. Schneebeli)
Anthony Gabriel Mena (CHM Graduate Student with Prof. Schneebeli)
Daijing (Amy) Nie (Graduate Student with Dr. Severin Schneebeli)
Bazil Muhammed Sathar (CHM Graduate Student w Dr. Schneebeli)
Ke Xu (Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Dr. Schneebeli)
  • Precision Recognition & Catalysis
  • Protein Biotechnology, with a focus on peptide drug stabilization and delivery
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • New Affinity Reagents
Honors and Credentials
  • NIH MIRA Award 2022                           
  • Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2020
  • NSF CAREER Award 2019
  • Army Research Office Young Investigator Award 2018
  • International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Awarded 2011–2013, for Demonstrated Innovation & Outstanding Achievement during the Doctoral Research
  • ACS Postdoc to Faculty Workshop Travel Award, Indianapolis, IN 2013
  • Selected Participant, NSF Future Faculty Workshop “Leaders of Tomorrow”, Atlanta, GA 2013
  • DOE Travel Fellowship to attend the ISMSC-8 Conference in Arlington, VA 2013
  • Hammett Award in Chemistry for Excellence in Studies and Research 2011
    toward the PhD, Columbia University, awarded to the top Fifth-year Chemistry Graduate Student
  • Arun Guthikonda Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry, 2010–2011
    Columbia University, awarded to the top Fourth Year Chemistry Graduate Student
  • Best Scientific Poster Award, Columbia University Nanoscale Science 2009
    and Engineering Center Retreat, Short Hills, NJ
  • Upjohn Fellowship for Academic Excellence, Columbia University 2007–2008
  • Appointed Young Researcher Participant, 18th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners 2006
    in Chemistry, Lindau, Germany
  • Scholarships from the Alfred Werner Legate at the University of Zurich, 2005/2006
    Switzerland, awarded for Academic Excellence
  • Appointed Member of the Swiss National Team at the 34th International Chemistry 2002
    Olympiad, Groningen, the Netherlands for High School Researchers
Representative Publications

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