Photo of Stephen R. Byrn
Stephen R. Byrn
Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Phone: 765-714-2808
Fax: 765-494-6545
Specialization: Solid state formulation and stability of small molecules, regulatory science, Sustainable Medicines in Africa
BA Chemistry, DePauw University, 1966
PhD Organic and Physical Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1970
Post-doctoral, University of California, Los Angeles, Physical Chemistry, 1970-1972

Byrn Lab 5-6-15

Byrn Lab - May 2015 (l to r): Curtis Hajec, Ruba Alajlouni, Dr. Daniel Smith, Dr. Stephen Byrn, Haichen Nie, & Yang Song

Solid State Chemistry of Drugs/Pharmaceutical Solids

Investigators:  S. Byrn, Amrinder Singh, Chris King

The overall goal of our research is to develop the field of Solid State Chemistry of Drugs so that all of the principles and factors governing solid-state chemistry are understood. This knowledge is then used to predict and analyze all behaviors of solids observed during the drug development process and in formulations. Thus, the solid-state chemistry of drugs is being studied to improve knowledge of the factors that affect this chemistry and to develop new methods of studying these reactions. At present, our group is focusing solid-state acid base reactions and stability. We are also interested solid-state desolvation reactions, solid state decarboxylation reactions, solid-solid reactions, and solid-state rearrangements. These studies are important in that they will lead to better understanding of the mechanism of drug degradation and eventually to new approaches to stabilizing drugs. By carrying out research on the solid-state chemistry of drugs, it is hoped that new approaches and ideas for drug analysis including solid-state NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction will be developed. In addition, this research is aimed at providing new insight into drug stability and at developing methods for predicting drug stability. Furthermore, approaches to the production via crystallization of the desired drug form are an important component of these studies.

Processing, Formulation, and Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

       Investigators:  S. Byrn, Amrinder Singh, Chris King

Approaches to understanding the molecular basis of pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing are being developed. These approaches which include Raman mapping and EDS can in favorable cases provide information on the spatial location of all components in tablets and capsules. The effect of processing on the solid state chemistry of drugs and the stability of formulations is also being investigated.  Particular emphasis is placed on the wet granulation and coating.  Continuous manufacturing and manufacturing design are also being investigated especially for protease inhibitors and fixed dose combination drugs.  The regulatory aspects of processing and manufacturing are also being emphasized.


X-ray Structural Analysis of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals

       Investigators: S. Byrn, Amrinder Singh, Chris King

The structure of amorphous pharmaceuticals is not known and poorly understood.  Pair distribution functions derived from X-ray powder diffraction measurements made at Argonne National Laboratories Synchrotron as well as solid state NMR measurements along with more conventional studies can provide phase diagrams and information on the functional groups and atom-atom distances involved in drug-drug and drug –polymer interactions present in amorphous materials. These methods will lead to the establishment of a rational design method for amorphous compositions. This bottom-up design approach focuses on amorphous protease inhibitors since these are the most bioavailable compositions.  This new method will determine structural details of amorphous compositions by providing atom-atom distances and other structural parameters.  We will use the atomic distances, and other parameters determined, to predict properties of these compositions including stability (failure to crystallize), dissolution rate, and bioavailability.  This method is particularly important since amorphous drugs are now being used to cure HCV and as potential treatments for a range of other viral diseases besides HIV and are being investigated as cures for Zika infections.


Abuse Deterrent Formulations of Opioids

       Investigators: Dan Smith

The goal of the abuser is to alter the opioid dosage from such that it provides a plasma concentration that is sufficient to induce euphoria. The abuse-deterrent dosage form is designed to minimize the feeling of euphoria when taken as prescribed by a patient, i.e. when using the medication as intended.  However, a prescription drug abuser would try to modify the dosage form in a manner to increase the plasma concentration to a level that would induce euphoria.  They can achieve this by increasing the rate of drug uptake. For example, they could crush a controlled release tablet, which would induce dose dumping when swallowed. They could change the route of administration.  For example the abuser could crush a tablet and then try and inject or snort the contents of the crushed tablet.  Thus, abuse deterrent formulations are investigated to identify the failure modes.  This knowledge will lead to second-generation formulations that are even more difficult to abuse than those currently on the market.

Dr. Byrn also works with the Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Services Laboratory.

Lab Members
Bolaji Charles Dayo Owoyemi (Visiting Scholar with Dr. Byrn)
Reham O. Nour (PPI Graduate Student with Dr. Byrn)
Amrinder Singh Rai (Graduate Student with Dr. Stephen Byrn)
Daniel T. Smith (Senior Research Scientist with Dr. Stephen Byrn)

Dr. Byrn is in charge of the Dosage Form Course PHAR 828 for Pharm. D. students and co-teaches PHAR 461, Drug Development II, for BSPS students.

Dr. Byrn teaches several times a year in Tanzania, Africa. The sustainable medicine program in Africa is aimed at addressing the problem of lack of access to high quality medicines in Africa.  This program consists of: (1) Master’s degree in Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science taught at the Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy and jointly administered with the Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy (Sr. Zita Ekeocha)); (2) an actual GMP-level pharmaceutical manufacturing facility at SLF/KSP, and (3) a quality medicines laboratory equipped with HPLCs.  The educational programs are aimed at providing source of well-trained manufacturing scientists for pharmaceutical industry in Tanzania and Africa.  The GMP-level facility is used to teach manufacturing under strict quality control.  The GMP facility will serve as a model for other such facilities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.  The feasibility of establishing a sustainable medicine program in Tanzania is supported by the experience of the former Infusion Units Project in Tanzania, now known as Saint Luke Foundation (SLF). This program has manufactured and distributed infusion solutions throughout Tanzania since 1983.  Additionally, the availability of trained personnel and a model facility will combat several current problems especially those related to counterfeited/poor quality medicines.


This Master’s degree in Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science is supported by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Merck Foundation who provide grants to defray the cost of attendance.  Recently, this program was recognized as an ANDi (African National Drug Innovation) Center for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Regulatory Training.  This center is one of less than 50 centers in Africa.

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Honors and Credentials

Dr. Stephen R. Byrn received the 2016 AAPS Dale Wurster Award in Pharmaceutics and the 2009 AAPS David Grant Research Achievement Award in Physical Pharmacy in 2009. Special Issue (September 2010) of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences was dedicated to Stephen R. Byrn, based on his contributions to the field of solid state pharmaceutics. 


Representative Publications

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Ekeigwe, A., B. McGowan, L. Parker, S. Byrn, and K. Clase. Describing competency requirements for competency-based regulatory sciences education in sub-Saharan Africa–A qualitative systematic review. Pharmacy Education, 2022. 22(4): p. 42-62.

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