Access to MCMP labs in RHPH: IMPH has paid a user fee so please email the following 8 pieces of information to

  1. Name
  2. PUID #
  3. Title (faculty, Grad Student, staff, Post Doc, Visiting Scholar, Visiting Undergrad Student, hourly, etc.)
  4. Faculty name for your lab group in IMPH (Byrn, Jeong, Knipp, Li, Matosevic, Munson, Pinal, Taylor, Yeo, Zhou)
  5. RHPH room number that you need to access
  6. Name of equipment you plan to use in that room
  7. Who trained you on that piece of equipment  - it must be someone in MCMP
  8. Date you were trained on that piece of equipment

Mary Ellen Hurt will review your request and then submit it to Brett Nees to program your PUID card.
Your PUID access is good for just 1 year.  When it expires it will also cancel your PUID card access to the IMPH labs on the ground floor except RHPH G59 so please keep track of your annual renewal date.