IPPH Strategic Plan 2015-2020


The Vision for the Department of Industrial and Molecular Pharmaceutics at Purdue University is to advance the development, manufacturing, regulation and biodistribution of medicines to improve global human health.


  1. Educate and train students to become leading pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists
  2. Advance scientific discovery and development, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical manufacturing, formulation and drug delivery
  3. Contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through outreach and public service


  1. Increase the department’s contributions to scientific discovery and development in the pharmaceutical sciences.
  2. Improve the department’s graduate (PhD) program.
  3. Improve the department’s contributions to professsional (PharmD) and Bachelor’s (BSPS) degree programs in the College of Pharmacy.
  4. Engage and communicate with the department’s external constituencies.
  5. Improve the department’s systems and infrastructure to support the mission.